The Genius of the Feldenkrais Method


Moshe Feldenkrais portrait
Dr Moshe Feldenkrais

The Feldenkrais method needs to be experienced. 
As babies we learn to stand upright, walk, run and to move in an entirely natural way. The capacity to learn is in our DNA. We achieve this without a teacher because we are hard wired to do so.

As we grow older learning loses its natural spontaneity; we are nestled in a school system, a society with rules, codes of behaviour and necessary ways of being if we want to fit in and survive.  And maybe our parents weren’t the most enlightened beings on the planet! No blame, this is just how it is.

Lets suppose the nervous system is built to enable us to keep learning, to remain open to new ways of doing things, to refine ourselves, take risks, create,  be curious, and this nervous system never stops doing that. Ever! 

This version of ourselves is what Moshe Feldenkrais deeply understood to be true about human beings. 

Bringing together his expertise in physics, engineering, martial arts, childhood motor development and physiology he developed a method which allows anyone who wants to, to gain more mastery over themselves.

 Learning is within us all. And a practitioner creates the conditions to allow learning to take place.