I’ve been coming to Jenny’s classes for many years and have also had several one on one sessions. Each session has been a great help in de stressing from my hectic corporate job, as well as increasing my range of motion and relaxation. I always sleep like a baby afterwards and feel a lot more peaceful. She has a great understanding of the method and has a gentle but focused teaching style with every Wednesday a new experience. Mark

I have been taking lessons with my Feldenkrais teacher Jenny Hill for over 4 years and have found her lesson invaluable. I suffer from reoccurring knee, wrist and hip problems, which have been hugely helped by daily practice and attending weekly lessons with Jenny. Recently I found I was able to run in order to catch a bus which a couple of years a go would have been impossible. I would highly recommend Jenny and Feldenkrais practice. In my opinion this is something that no matter your age or abilities almost everyone would benefit from. Annie 

I found the Feldenkrais Method after trying many things for shoulder, neck and hip pain including physio, chiropractic, yoga etc. Learning Feldenkrais with Jenny has given me a steady practice for making gradual but properly sustainable improvement. It really works and I notice the difference every day. I had pretty much had to give up  playing the cello because of the strain to my shoulders. I’m now playing again and have lots of ways to keep the aches and pain away. Rachel

I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for several years, it got so bad that I even struggled to put my socks on, or even bend forward to pick anything up. I started weekly sessions with Jenny around the beginning of the lockdown, and within a couple of weeks I already felt the benefits, as I gained mobility and noticed the pain had reduced; I introduced the exercises in my daily routine for about 10-15 minutes top, and I am happy to say that I hardly have any pain left to date;
last week I even attended a karate session (which is very demanding in terms of intensity on the muscles and especially the lower back) and it all went well, with no back ache the next day!
I am extremely grateful to Jenny for her invaluable classes as I now see how quickly I was able to heal this long-term problem. I highly recommend her as the quality of her sessions are top notch and her exercises most definitely provide the results you are looking for. Eli

Jenny worked on my body with her Feldenkrais experience during my pregnancy and after each session my body felt renewed, reset, re centred and balanced. It felt my thoughts and scattered brain were aligned as well….it is a subtle but profound method where my body feels trusted to organise itself toward overall harmony and symmetry. A complete enhancement for body and mind. Thankyou Jenny. Ana Muriel

I didn’t know what to expect. I only asked if we could do something about my lower back tension. I lay down on a table and Jenny started to very gently move my joints – my neck, shoulders, knees, ankles, hip joints…I was very relaxed during the session. I was amazed at how connected it all felt. After the session I felt so light, and so grounded. My posture was better, my tensed parts had relaxed, the tension in my back had gone. My whole body was relaxed and I COULD MOVE WITH EASE! Sasha

Feldenkrais gave me an enhanced awareness of my body and made me stand taller – making me more confident and attractive. Being at work has become a better experience! I recommend Jenny’s Feldenkrais sessions wholeheartedly to everyone. Simon

Aged 60, complications from a broken ankle and leg, plus a dislocated hip would, I was told, result in the use of a walking stick for the rest of my life. Six years and a lot of pain whilst slowly shuffling around left me feeling very much an old lady. A further five years practicing the Feldenkrais method has reversed this seemingly inexorable process and, body reorganized and working efficiently, I stride around stickless and straight backed, a healthy (and very grateful) 71 year old woman. Ive learnt more about my body and movement working with Jenny than with anyone else. Old lady, what old lady? Patricia

It was a pleasure working with Jenny. The FI sessions I took made me aware of my own body and skeleton. The positive impact that the very small, simple and gentle movements have had in my flexibility, body balance and posture was amazing. I also realised my knee injury was gone! Panorea

Sessions with Jenny opened new aspects in my body. In the days following the treatment, I would find my body proposing new movements much more comfortably than the ones I was used to. Jenny is a very sensitive therapist. The work greatly opened up my practice as a performance artist. Ivana

I always get in to such a totally relaxed state. It has clearly helped my hips to feel freer, and brought much more attention to my breathing and posture, always a good thing. Joshua

Having a series of FIs with Jenny really helped me let go of years of tension and pain around my upper body and neck. This was a great relief and also greatly enhanced my sense of freedom whilst moving my body in dance performance. Juliana

My attitude towards movement has changed. Over the weeks I have begun to feel internally movement in my body and let that fuel my movement in class or whenever I dance. Very different. Adam