Group Classes

Awareness through Movement Classes

This class is great for improving your overall mobility. It can counteract problems such as shoulder, neck and back pain, and can also help to improve your yoga, dancing and sport exercise. The lessons are also helpful for everyday actions of sitting, walking, climbing stairs, and for all the niggling pains that people often complain about (and leave for too long, which can then turn into a more serious condition).

You will be led through a series of sequences mostly lying or in sitting. The movements are gentle and very effective for releasing tension, leaving you feeling both relaxed and refreshed.

Suitable for all ages, levels of experience and fitness.

ZOOM MONDAYS 11-12 noon

WEDNESDAY 6.45 – 7.45pm South London Theatre, West Norwood, SE27 ONS

FRIDAY 1 – 2pm St Mary’s Church Hall, Putney Bridge, SW15 1SN