Your body as a well oiled machine…?

The body is like a machine. It is a complex set of parts that work together. It can operate at different rhythms, speeds, dynamics and qualities.

When it functions well it performs its actions smoothly and efficiently.

When it isn’t functioning well, movements can feel difficult, awkward and painful.

Going to a Feldenkrais class, group or one to one will improve all of your movements.

Lets take one scenario: You get up in the morning, you shower, you dress, you make breakfast, you sit down, you leave the house, you walk to the tube, you stand, you sit at your desk, you walk in the park/get lunch, you walk to the gym, you workout, you shower, you tube home, you chat to your other half, you compute, you go to bed, you have sex, you go to sleep….. ..everything you do involves moving your body.

Would you believe me if I said the Feldenkrais Method can improve all of those movements, make them feel freer, easier, pain free…?

Written by on 1 October 2015 in Uncategorized