Moving slowly

We need to be prepared to move slow enough to be able to sense what we do. Slowing down means we can become more sensitive┬áto the way in which we are moving – how much force are we using, is it comfortable, does it feel pleasurable, is it interesting, how might we be even more simple, how can we enable ourselves to feel elegant, efficient, are we being totally habitual, are we noticing anything at all. By being with this kind of detail the brain wakes up and starts to learn. This is how a child learns to stand up in gravity – an amazing feat which is achieved without the tutoring of adults and mentors. Not that a child is asking all of these questions, but that s/he is involved in movement with alive curiosity, taking their time, feeling their way, playing and engaging entirely with the process of learning (to move, to reach, to crawl, to stand), and to rest when they need to.

Why does it take a human being 1 year/18 months/20 months to be able to learn to walk, whereas a cow, sheep, cat, dog can pretty much stand up and walk straight away? what is it about the human being and its brain that needs that amount of time and preparation?

Written by on 27 November 2012 in Uncategorized