Mind like Water (and random thoughts?)

Kazuo Ohno (one of the founders of Butoh)

When I was living in New Zealand I participated in a 3 month dance theatre training influenced by the form of Japanese Butoh. This culminated in a performance project called Mind Like Water. Not a Zen expert I didn’t realise this was a well known phrase in the Zen tradition, but I loved the suggestion of such a phrase (and still do).

In transit again on Friday, I realise how I enjoy the in between ness of not being here or there….the journey, having left but not arrived, leaving behind the familiar and being in a space of seeming unknown possibilities.

Moshe Feldenkrais was interested in the possibility of being available for anything in a given moment. It is a state of potency, perhaps an acquired taste. As a martial artist he had the kind of sensibility (and discipline) to practice being ready so that the body can turn effortlessly in any direction (within its axis of 360 degrees) without preparation, and this he incorporated into the Method. This requires a flexible mind as well as a flexible body. I propose that this kind of readiness leads to a more effective life.

Readiness is not the same as being in transit, but there is a sense of openness in both (at least to my mind!).

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