19Apr 2016

up from the toes, heel, ankle, calf, knee, hip, pelvis, lower back, spine……

Ive just returned from Manchester and a brilliant workshop with Olena Nitefor. The title gives it away – how the movements (or lack of) in the feet affect the whole leg and pelvis and how creating  clearer relationships of the bones in the feet, affect the hop joints, lower back and movement into the spine, shoulders […]

31Dec 2015


…so its that time once again   this morning I sat very briefly in my garden looking at the bare trees.. and I realised although Ive spent over 30 years learning how to relax my body,  I’m still learning why this is important.. however, 1 resolution is to write more regularly on my blog 🙂

01Oct 2015

Your body as a well oiled machine…?

The body is like a machine. It is a complex set of parts that work together. It can operate at different rhythms, speeds, dynamics and qualities. When it functions well it performs its actions smoothly and efficiently. When it isn’t functioning well, movements can feel difficult, awkward and painful. Going to a Feldenkrais class, group or one to […]

26Oct 2014

Feldenkrais for Dancers

Restoring the intelligence of the human body • Help with short and long term injuries and pain • Increase your awareness of yourself in movement • Improve technique – co ordination, flow, balance, precision • Increase your confidence, posture and breathing • Uniting your ideas with action and creativity • Finding or defining your unique […]

14Oct 2014

How Feldenkrais can help you

What does the Feldenkrais Method do? Here are just 4 key things: 1. Helps to relieve back pain, and injuries from other common areas such as shoulders, hips, knees and wrists. Assists better posture and breathing, and enables freer movement. 2. Revitalises your energy to enable you to meet life’s challenges more effectively. 3. Helps […]

01Sep 2014

Mind like Water (and random thoughts?)

Kazuo Ohno (one of the founders of Butoh) When I was living in New Zealand I participated in a 3 month dance theatre training influenced by the form of Japanese Butoh. This culminated in a performance project called Mind Like Water. Not a Zen expert I didn’t realise this was a well known phrase in […]

20Aug 2014

What touches you?

‘the ship is going down and I can only hold your hand’ a title I once used for a performance installation Big things happen, small things happen Life is full of gestures We touch each other, or not When a Feldenkrais practitioner touches you in a one to one session, they are sensing and noticing […]

14Jul 2014

feldenkrais is different

you as an individual have a totally unique way of moving this means you have a unique way of being physically organised which also means no other person moves like you you may not be aware of it and most movement systems don’t take this into account your movement can only be improved by your […]

07May 2014

A breath of fresh air….

We all have patterns of anxiety. There are times when we are unsure of ourselves, we don’t know how to respond to the situation, perhaps when we feel vulnerable, insecure, afraid – and this manifests in the body.  For instance there might be places in the spine where we constantly shorten/contract, and usually this is so […]

10Apr 2014

Good physical organization = easy running, dancing, sitting, jumping, swinging, stretching,

I’ve been wondering about the word organization in relation to the human body, as its a word frequently used in the Feldenkrais Method. There are more than 600 muscles in the body that are involved in movement. There are 230 movable joints in the body. That is a lot to organize. Moshe Feldenkrais devised 1000’s […]