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My enjoyment of movement enticed me to a Feldenkrais class. Although it wouldn’t be outlandish to say, at one time we all loved to move! After my first class I felt a profound sense of coming home to myself. This might sound off putting in an era of sound bites and empty words, nonetheless this is how I felt; something inside myself had woken up. Although I began the method to improve physical things, and my dance injuries did fade, I  quickly realised something else was happening to me.  I became more emotionally balanced, less stressed, less tense.  And I was able to cope with the very difficult life situations I was experiencing at the time more graciously! So this sense of finding our inner resourcefulness is key.  Previously I’ve worked as a dancer, choreographer, waitress, teacher, farm helper, office worker, life model, playworker, special needs learning assistant and masseur.

I work with the Feldenkrais Method with adults of all ages and backgrounds, and special needs children.


  • Certified: ‘Jeremy Krauss Approach’ (JKA), Training Programme for Special Needs Children – based on the work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais
  • MA (Dist) Choreography and Performance
  • Feldenkrais Practitioner Programme (4 years P/T)
  • Post Graduate Certificate of Education Dance (PGCE)
  • BTEC Massage Anatomy Physiology
  • BA (hons) Dance Studies
  • Diploma Dance Studies